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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Helping organizations innovate, transform, and lead by making an impact on the current issues that our clients face, and anticipating the issues they may face in the future.

We help empower our clients with the confidence that leads to effective decisions for their organizations. ARV consultants offers experience and local knowledge to help you focus on the big picture and succeed in any public or private business environment

We are experts at mobilizing public support to advance your agenda.

Our combined decades of public relations experience in politics and government shape our strategic communications thinking—and because we’ve been there, we know what works.

To create a groundswell, you need to work in the field, directly communicating with your target audience and cultivating allies. Our Public Affairs practice helps tailor a comprehensive PR plan for each client, mapping communication strategies for public education, effective messaging, media relations and grassroots mobilization. A winning political or government campaign requires sharp messaging, a targeting plan, rapid response communications, general political outreach, press strategy and direct voter contact— all executed simultaneously and without mistakes. The ARV Consultant Team excels at every dimension of winning.

Consulting Services

ARV Consultants communicates regularly with clients, including daily, written briefings and weekly strategizing sessions. In addition, ARV Consultants consistently provides multiple e-mail updates covering various topics that inform the campaign in real-time based on local, national and international issues as they arise. ARV Consultants also avails itself to in-person meetings, conducts conferences/retreats to provide training for members of a governmental team. ARV Consultants also regularly monitors state departments and agencies, such as the Office of Attorney General, the Department of Treasury, and the State Police, for opinions and promulgation of new rules and regulations. ARV Consultants notifies clients of any measure that impacts their operations and drafts position papers to ensure the client speaks from the “right” side of the issue. ARV Consultants recognizes that good, open communication is essential to establishing a healthy relationship with our clients and realizing success for them.
ARV Consultants’ strong working relationships with all of the political power brokers in state government, including the Governor, Attorney General, Legislators, County Government, and influential regulators, ensures critical access to key decision-makers. We also frequently facilitate face-to-face meetings for clients with policy and decision makers in the upper-echelons of government, when such engagements are essential to realizing the client’s goal(s)
Public support for an issue can facilitate its passage – or defeat – in the State, County or locally. While we are not a public relations firm, ARV Consultants maintains relationships with reporters, bloggers, radio personalities and other influential members of various information mediums. We know that managing an issue properly in the media can lend buoyancy to our advocacy effort. When warranted, we partner with clients’ in-house marketing team to hew a public-relations strategy that augments our collaborative lobbying effort.
Our team knows governmental consulting inside and out. Our staff has specialized knowledge and we’re ready to hit the ground running.
We produce direct mail that stands out and gets us noticed. State-of-the-art targeting and creative messaging ensures that your message won’t be ignored.
We approach each client differently and start at the beginning with fresh eyes. We are at the forefront of cutting-edge, digital and electronic messaging strategy. We utilize viral messaging and combine attention-grabbing, creative displays, with innovative targeting to find the right audience.
When it comes to government and advocacy training, there is no one that does it better. Our team will make sure you are prepared to achieve success. ARV Consultants is one of the top consulting firms in New Jersey, with experience and a track record second-to-none. Data drives our choices We care enough about the issues and we work to make sure we send the right messages about them. Whenever possible, we actively participate in selecting and developing the research tools that will be used in gathering data that will impact our work. We don’t leave anything to chance No serious team was ever built by accident. We are meticulous planners. Surprises are what we spring on our opponents, not our clients. You will know exactly what to expect from the mailer plans we draft and agree upon.

Our Services Include

Creating Moments One of the most powerful tools is creativity.

Having worked with some of the biggest organizations, figures and issues, ARV Consultants’ digital team will work with you to design a creative plan to change the conversation around your issue and drive real results that leave a lasting impact on the ground. Media Management ARV Consultants LLC. designs and executes social media strategy for some of the biggest advocacy groups in the state.
From day-to-day content creation to conceptualizing and driving memorable moments, our team is ready to define your organization’s voice and expand your social media footprint. Advocacy Launching a new organization or movement is an important opportunity to build new audiences and drive conversation. ARV Consultants’ team implements programs that identify and recruit new support to drive meaningful results around a big launch or moment.


ARV Consultants has a Government Relations and Educational Consulting Team that understands the complex challenges our clients face when navigating state and local governments, as well as School Boards in the State of New Jersey.

Our experienced professionals are committed to our client’s interests with a high level of expertise, while acting as an effective bridge between public and private sectors. Our team has decades of experience collaborating with school boards and all three branches of government, and is well-equipped to address government and school affairs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to protect your interests and grow your school board, administration and/or agency.

Governmental & Educational Services

Public Relations & Stakeholder Engagement

Creating the right public perception through multiple platforms can be challenging. We can assist in developing positive public relations through a tailored strategic communication approach.

Having years of experience with the media, policy makers and the public, we can assist in building a positive reputation and averting potential negative press.

Public Relations & Stakeholder Engagement Services Media Communications

Crisis Communications

Stakeholder Relations

Grassroots Campaigns